Ever been working on a project and the progress seems to be grinding?

Or maybe you’ve tried to develop a new skill or habit. At first, things were trending up. You were taking new perspectives and advice, easily implementing it. But now, the “levels” have become more challenging.

This is the part of growth David actually leans into the hardest.

He’s there for you when things feel hardest because he knows what’s on the other side…

That moment that you’re talking to them and it clicks. They see it and how the big picture comes together. Their life is changed forever in that moment. And that’s the moment that I live for. When they realize they can LITERALLY have anything they want. And most people don’t get that at first. But when you start to consistently run the system, things begin to fall into place. Your life becomes what you envision and you understand that EVERYTHING is in control.

You see, your earlier successes leave clues for you to follow. If you remain on the path and listen to advice, one day there will be a big light bulb that flashes! More and more will fall into place as you gain mastery and a deeper understanding.

The Mullers have seen many of coachees go through this exact moment and it’s even more rewarding each time!

Calendar blocking and reverse engineering goals aren’t necessarily the strongest muscles for most people, so it can take a long time to develop. You’re going to have some doubt and confusion when you first begin. It might even be uncomfortable to build the discipline needed to stick to your newly formed schedule.

That’s ok!

As they say, “No pain, no gain.”

And what incredible things you gain as it all comes together. There’s something about having it all click that’s truly inspiring to all who witness it.

This is the moment you can start to fully step into the greatness you’ve been waiting for!

The “Ah-Ha” moment when everything comes together gives you a confidence you’ve never felt before. “I can do this” becomes a way of life, not just a mantra to get you through the hard stuff! It’s like pulling the sword from the stone (for our Disney fans out there.)

Speaking of Disney, the Aulani Disney Resort was the birthplace of the latest “Ah-Ha” moment.

During the Ultimate Achievers Workshop held there in July, David saw this moment happen with an attendee. It was one of their coachees who’s been with them a little over a year.

“To see it up close again was an awesome reminder of why I do what I do.”

Want an “Ah-Ha” moment of your own? It’s never too late to start doing the work that will provide them. You’ll definitely want to attend a future workshop and discover the magic!

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