You’ve probably heard that your attitude controls your life.

Many positive and negative things happen to us every day, each one affecting us in that manner.

If we’re not careful, we can act like those negative things a bit too much.

That’s not good for anybody.

Not good for a CEO.

Not good for a Stay-at-Home Parent.

And certainly not good for an athlete.

They have to push themselves harder and further daily to ensure they’re the ultimate versions of themselves. It’s important they show up enthusiastic, determined, and positive.

Alisa has coached many athletes over the years and has some pretty interesting knowledge to share when it comes to guaranteeing an athlete will be prepared mentally.

“If you come into the gym hunched over with no energy because of a fight with parents or a tough test at school, that’s the energy that’ll flow from you and into the gym to your coaches and teammates.

When you open the door, you get the blessing to IMMEDIATELY change your state into a state of mind that will be uplifting and powerful to your team! Throw all the stress and “blah feeling” away. Leave that baggage at the door and create something magical with your time in the gym!

When you’re angry or upset, you just have to ask yourself one question: Is that the type of person you want to show up as?”

Stay upbeat with a positive mental attitude by finding something that works for you. It may be just getting up, moving around, and getting some blood pumping. It may be some other type of ritual or routine. Keep playing with this until you find what works for you.

As mistakes happen, you have to lean on your self-talk and visualization to achieve your goals! Build these up by listing all the things you’re great at and how many amazing characteristics you have. You can help your final results by “pre-playing” yourself being successful in your mind. This is much more powerful than just daydreaming or pretending. Being intentional with your spare time, you can imagine yourself successfully performing your routine over and over.

Think of the last time you were unmotivated. I guarantee you weren’t moving!

And just remember, mistakes and feedback are ways of showing you what you can be better at.

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