Getting anything back takes discipline, focus, the right attitude and the appropriate plan, and team supporting you.

After a huge shake up at Black Hills Gymnastics a few years ago, our Get-It-Back Queen Alisa knew there was a long road ahead to get the gym back to its “Days of Dominance”

After the results of this years gymnastics season, we think it’s safe to say: BHG is Back, Baby!

A Clean Sweep of all 3 Levels at Sectionals and sending many athletes on to the State Competition means we’re seriously back in business!

The journey back to the top was an interesting one filled with leadership development, rigorous planning and training, and and an overall vision of what true success looked like for the gym as a whole.

“We knew exactly what we wanted and really made an effort to get there. When dealing with an organization of this size, with so many coaches, staff, and of course young kids, it took a lot of introspection and course correction from me as the owner and coach to make sure we stayed on track.”

Challenge 1 – Getting the right people in place

Matching coaches with teams for achievement is always a great puzzle. By investing in our coaches with workshops, continuous training, and retreats really helped us grow closer as a team. Gaining better skills and a deeper understanding of how the overall team works together was a huge step towards ongoing success.

A Live Look In at the TeamBHG Leadership Year in Review and New Year set up.

Challenge 2 – Mindset

Mindset is the number one thing that can make or break a team. You can have all the talent in the world, but if your eyes aren’t confidently on the prize, you’ll never make it to the top. Showing athletes and coaches how to prime their minds for success was a big pillar of strength for Black Hills Gymnastics.

Challenge 3 – Continuous Planning and Training for Success

Just getting everyone to buy in is difficult enough. It’s quite another task to keep this momentum going. This is where Calendar Blocking is truly magical. It works just as well for teams as it does for business owners. Plus, the communication between staff members at the gym is top notch, allowing seamless and constant growth of the athletes!

At the end, to see what Alisa and her team has accomplished after the heartbreak of losing a large part of what built Black Hills Gymnastics is nothing short of incredible!

We look forward to many trophies, accolades, and accomplishments “Getting Back” to Black Hills Gymnastics for years to come but more over the next ripples that will come from this next run of Teaching Life Skills Through the Sport of Gymnastics.

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