Our dear friend Susie Earl is definitely a girl on fire! We absolutely love seeing her passion for life and her enthusiasm to help others live their best life. Susie wholeheartedly lives out the life of an Ultimate Achiever every single day.

Hi Susie, thanks for your time! Tell us a little bit about how you got to know David and Alisa.

Upon moving to the area, I was told I had to meet this guy named David. I was told he had a ton of amazing ideas around branding and personal improvement. Once I heard that I knew I had to find him! Around that same time, I ran into Alisa at a networking event and we had a good long chat. She’s really taught me the value of being coached!

What are some things you notice and admire about the Mullers?

Some of the biggest things I’ve noticed have happened when we’ve traveled together. They’re all about having a lot of fun and new experiences, but they still find time to work and build their businesses. It’s pretty incredible to see the balance and passion they have for everything in their busy lives!

How else have they influenced you or those around you?

It’s been cool to see the family ripple effect. my kids saw me taking their advice and implementing it into my life. And they wanted to better themselves. It’s been so nice to have my kids along with me at some of the Ultimate Achiever Workshops that the Mullers have hosted so we can grow as a family!

David and Alisa also express the importance of having your values match your vision. Helping people pinpoint goals, navigate around challenges, and align with things that truly set them on fire is awesome to see. They can help with all of that. They are incredible role models they walk the walk and talk the talk.

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