The tools of the digital entrepreneur trade

How do David and Alisa do it?!

I hear that one a lot!

How do they accomplish so much while seemingly playing on vacation? How do they handle the workload of 7 healthy streams of income?

Well, besides the right mindset and quality calendar blocking, they use many digital tools that help them stay organized, stay productive, and stay winning at life!

Acuity –  They use this for online scheduling so their coaching clients can schedule appointments, pay, and complete intake forms online 24/7.

Kartra – This is used to create brilliant marketing campaigns. The drag and drop software allows them to create funnels, offers, and sales pages for almost anything they could think of at a moment’s notice!

WebinarJam – Webinars are an awesome way to share live or prerecorded meetings without a hassle. The Mullers love the speed and functionality this brings to getting their life-changing message and training in front of more people!

Weebly – This software lets David be extremely creative when trying new website ideas. It’s lightweight, quick, and has some interesting themes to play around with.

PayPal and Stripe – These two online payment systems keep the wheels a-turnin’! With the ability to send invoices, receive payments, and transfer them to just about any account or person is what David and Alisa love most about these two game-changing software.

Animoto – Animoto is what David uses to put together all the videos you see of trips, workshops, and all other adventures the couple has!

Canva – Think a stripped down version of photoshop that’s completely online. All you need is a free account to create some pretty amazing looking graphics quickly and easily.

Zoom – Zoom is a stellar video conferencing app. It’s the tool the Mullers use to do 95% of their coaching calls. This allows for face-to-face interaction and connection with their closest tribe members. This sets the stage for a more intimate conversation and better, quicker results!

Different text messaging platforms – There are too many to count! From the ones that come preinstalled on their phones to a few others, the Mullers communicate very well on the fly because they’ve mastered the texting platforms.

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram – How else do you share incredible memories. These platforms keep the Mullers connected with the world perhaps better than any on this list!

The entire Google suite – There’s no doubt that Google is powerful! Docs, Sheets, and Calendar get used frequently as a means to keep everything flowing.

Adobe Creative Suite –  For those graphics that just need a bit more pizazz, David uses Adobe services like Photoshop and InDesign to create masterful posters, flyers and more.


So there you have it! All the tools you’ll ever need to rock your own successful life in this digital world!


Feel free to check out as many of these amazing pieces of technology. You’ll be surprised how easy a lot of them are to use! You’ll also love the clarity and productivity they bring to your life!

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