When you’re building a dream life with your partner that includes working together, there seems to be “even more” of everything.

Even more time together.

Even more pressure to do and say the right thing.

But also, even more joy!

All of these can be hard to navigate if you’re not “putting the right rocks in your bucket.”

You all know we’re big believers in putting the right rocks in so there’s room for the important stuff (See link to Stephen Covey “Rocks” Video at the end of this post)

Part of that process is making sure we’re spending enough time as a couple romantically and personally to even out the insane amount of work we do together!

We partner in 7 different business ventures, so you can imagine the to-do lists, responsibilities, and dedication it takes. We’ve noticed at times while we’re crushing it in the business world, our relationship can suffer. What good is a striving for the top in a power couple partnership like this if the foundation is cracking?

Re-introducing calendar blocking.

We’re so used to showing people how to calendar block for their goals. This means reverse-engineering the action steps and mini goals along the way with precision.

But how do you calendar block for a successful marriage?

Sounds kinda vague, doesn’t it?

Well, you definitely need to schedule time together doing things that are fun, things that bring you closer, and things that inspire connection and conversation. Without this time, it’s hard to discover what your partner truly wants and needs.

We were able to get in some much-needed couple time right before our latest Ultimate Achievers Workshop. We spent a few days on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It was such a blissful time spent reconnecting, listening, and understanding what each other needs for our next 90-Day Run. It was made even better by the fact that David had never been before!

A romantic, soul-connecting get-away in one of the most beautiful places on earth? Yes, please!

Even when we can’t escape to an amazing island, we’re still blocking out time to just be with each other. You may have seen our weekly date night posts on Facebook. These give us the opportunity to “tune the world out” so to speak and enjoy our time together.

If you’re feeling the pressure of everyday life, working together, or simply communicating effectively, PLEASE get in touch with us. We’ve seen our coaching save many relationships by helping couples identify what’s most important. We also help them find unique ways to keep the fire burning, even when there’s seemingly no time in their busy schedules.

We’re here not only to celebrate goal achievements but healthy relationships!

Stephen Covey “7 Big Rocks Video

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