You may at times feel one or all of these emotions.

While we can’t (and don’t want) to take away the challenges that help you grow, we know we can help you lessen the feelings of constant overwhelm!

The way to do this is by calendar blocking.

As the video above shows, you only have one jar. One life. One set of resources.

If you want to be all you can be, you have to decide what rocks are most important to you.


The Mullers refer to these as your roles.

The big rocks are the most important ones.

The most meaningful and fulfilling.

The most consequential in building your dream life!

The Promises you’ve made and mean to keep ;)

Let’s use Alisa as an example since she truly is the Queen of the Calendar!

Mother, daughter, wife, Coach, friend, and mentor are just a few of Alisa’s natural and chosen roles.

That means in the jar that is her life, she has to put the important “rocks” into her calendar before ones with lesser importance.

How much time she “blocks” out for each role is dependent on a couple of things.

1. Goals within that role – If she knows it takes X amount of hours and focus to accomplish the tasks that’ll turn her goals into accomplishments, she prioritizes time in her calendar.

2. Quality of the time blocked – If it’s not the number of tasks and actions, it’s all about how precious those moments are. These also rank high in priority.

3. LivList material – You know the Mullers! They’re all about crossing experiences and memories off of their LivList. If something brings one of those moments into fruition, you bet it’ll get some calendar time.

So what DOESN”T get time in the calendar.

Trivial texting and social media scrolling

Things that are out of the realm of an emergency. This is going to differ from person to person.

Idle downtime that isn’t specifically for rest.

As you can see, you do have to be critical about how you spend your time and what you’re doing with that time!

That’s the difference between successful, fulfilled people and unsuccessful, negative people.

They spend their time doing and thinking about what’s next. They’re always on the move, strategically planning the next step towards greatness!

Which category do you want to fall under?