How’s that business coming along?

Do you have a well-oiled machine?

Or are you just trying to get enough clients to make it through to the end of the month?

What do you need to truly find happiness, success, and fulfillment in your business?

We all know by now David is a true visionary.

He takes BIG ideas, breaks them down into manageable parts, and carefully constructs them back into winning businesses!

In order to do that, he follows some pretty simple, yet highly effective strategies on how to create and grow businesses.

All you entrepreneurs and business owners, this one’s for you!

The Revenue Model

How will you bring in the bucks? Are your sales going to be one-offs, or are you going to have clients return for more of your product and service? Is there a way you can provide more value more often?

It’s much easier to sell to those you’ve already sold to, but only if they truly need more from you. Find ways to increase volume of diversify your range of products to entice repeat customers.

Look at what Adobe did with their Creative Suite. Instead of selling one piece of software once, spending years reworking that software into a new version and selling it again, Adobe now has a monthly subscription pricing model. This ensures they’ll always have new revenue coming in and actually makes them more money in the long run than selling big software bundles!

Sharing the load intelligently and responsibly  

How you manage your team and the tasks they perform (and get paid for) is also something to pay attention to. David prefers paying people by the tasks they complete or on commission rather than an hourly wage or salary.


One word: Incentive

When people are paid hourly, they’re incentivized to make more money by taking longer amounts of time to complete projects. If you can, shoot for tasks that can be assigned a dollar amount. That way, people will know exactly what needs to be done and what they’ll get for completing work. Don’t worry, you can always adjust what tasks are worth if you see one takes more or less work than anticipated.

The People

A pretty obvious one here, but you’ve really got to focus on your people. Make them happy and they’ll produce better work for you. Treat them like your servants and you’ll constantly be searching for new people and replacing those who are worn out.

Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, which controls such companies as Virgin Airlines and more (over 400!) said it best when it comes to managing and developing your team: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

The Overall Vision (The Why of your Company)

This is at the center of your being as a company! If you don’t have an overall destination, how are you going to know how to get there???

Make your vision BIG, serve an important role in your community and the world, and give your team a beacon to look to when things get tough.

Business is a crazy world, but knowing why you exist, who you serve, and how you do it is a sure-fire way to survive it!

Paying it Forward

This is just a tried a true tradition of the Universe! If your company is dedicated to serving some sort of higher purpose by giving to others, you can’t lose!

Try finding a nonprofit you can donate funds or time to, you won’t be disappointed. ;)

There you have it, 5 ways to build your business strategy for success! Take them and make them yours and build something truly special.

One of The Mullers’ greatest joys is helping younger entrepreneurs and great people become even better versions of themselves. They’ve been lucky enough to be working with Sean Ramalho and Sami Ganske for over a year now, and it’s been magical to watch them grow through life.

David and Alisa first met Sean and Sami through their publicist, Gatlin Johnson. He was working with them and couldn’t stop talking about two of his best friends who they just HAD to meet! He told The Mullers they were kind-hearted entrepreneurs who were seeking MORE.

They sought mentorship after seeing early success in owning their own mattress store, but they felt kinda stuck…

“We had initial success and were loving it! The mattress store was giving us the daily and weekly freedom to spend time like we wanted, but weren’t getting a ton further. We wanted to seek advice and learn something from entrepreneurs who’d had multiple streams of income funding their interests and desired lifestyle.”

Once David and Alisa found out what Sean and Sami truly desired, they were able to help them put together action and research plans that would help them discover the building blocks to their long sought after dream life.

“We’re always trying to figure out what the next best move is. When you’re in that stage, there’s a lot of shiny objects that can distract you. In the past, we’ve spent a lot of time chasing those things, instead of remaining clear and focused on what will provide the biggest impact. That’s one of the biggest ways David and Alisa have helped us, by keeping us on track with getting priorities done rather than so-called “urgent”, invaluable tasks,” says Sean with a laugh.

“For me, the goal storming sessions with The Mullers always put me back on track and force me to think bigger and in more definite terms. Before meeting them, I had vague goals like wanting to lose weight or wanting to make more money. With their help, I’ve been able to define my dreams more clearly and gain more progress on them than ever before!” reports Sami.

Happy people make a happy world!

When all seems dark…

In 2018, Sean and Sami had an extremely disheartening business venture. They invested a lot of capital on a program they were sure was going to fulfill them both financially and spiritually. They’d be helping other entrepreneurs get the monetary resources they needed to grow their business.

“It seemed like a win-win and an awesome program, but we soon found out we weren’t getting the needed support from those higher up in the company. We were really bummed and didn’t see too many options at that point. David and Alisa coached us through this rough patch, always giving us words of encouragement and small tasks that proved very powerful in getting our groove back,” explains Sami.

“I definitely understand why they call their weekly coaching a GPS (Goal Progression Session) They’ve been instrumental to keeping us on the right path and toward even greater potential! We’ve never been more excited for what the future holds!” says Sean

The Mullers been so honored to help Sean and Sami grow. They’re incredibly gifted entrepreneurs with big hearts and open minds! We can’t wait to see how your gifts change the world as they continue their journey!

One way to be a successful digital entrepreneur is to have an extensive tool belt. 

It’s a well-known fact that one of David’s favorite superheroes is The Caped Crusader, Batman! 

Batman’s famous for having quite the tool belt, isn’t he?

Always having the right gadget AND applying it are crucial to crushing your goals.

David’s always been one to copy the habits, techniques, and yes even tools of the most successful people out there. 

We’d definitely put Bruce Wayne, oops we mean Batman! on the list of most successful people. 

He keeps Gotham safe, remaining true to his core principles that make him who he is. 

In the same vein, our Alignment Expert keeps entrepreneurs safe and on the right track. 

He does this by using some pretty awesome gadgets and programs. 




So what are some of those tools?

  • Note-taking and thought-recording apps
  • Communication apps to talk to clients and teams
  • Automated Marketing Funnels
  • Cloud Storage Services
  • Multi-Use Travel Apps

and he’s not afraid to use them!

Or share them.

Because that’s what the best, most successful entrepreneurs do. They give value and don’t hoard the tips to get to the top all to themselves. 

Hundreds got to see that on display on The Mullers’ Marketers Cruise. 

Check out this awesome video of David dishing the digital dirt for mastery and success in the 21st Century! 

It’s been said that if you want to be a great teacher or coach, you must develop empathy for those you lead. 

This simply means you know what they’re going through. 

You know the pitfalls.

You know the pain.

You know the thrill of victory. 

And you know what it’s like to build on small success after small success. 

Alisa knows EXACTLY what this is like after years of gymnastics coaching…
However, recently, she’s been on a journey that’s leading to greater insight, transformation and inner strength. 

If you’ve been around #TheMullers, you know they live their life by the 5 Habits of Success.

The 2nd Habit of Success is Practice What You Preach. This means you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is. You won’t just talk the talk, but you’ll walk the walk. 

As a lifestyle entrepreneur, Alisa knows how important this is. She makes her living and builds her legacy by showing others a healthier way to live. 

Armed with this mindset, she GOT. TO. WORK!

Getting Her Health Back

That’s what the Get-It-Back Queen is doing as we speak!

Working with her close friend and Personal Trainer, Stefanie Odenbrett , she developed a plan that would trim her waistline and tone other body parts. 

Taking nutrition and workout supplements from one of The Mullers’ Streams of Income, Isagenix, Alisa is equipped with top-of-the-line products specifically engineered to help her reach her goals faster! 

But why? 

Why start a new goal, and attack it with such fervor when it’s GUARANTEED to make her uncomfortable. 

Because let’s face it…

There’s nothing too fun about drastically changing your diet, stretching your body to new lengths leading to soreness, and working your butt off. 
But there’s a reward! And even greater rewards to be found along the journey 

Alisa knew this would improve her life in many different ways. 
Improved health, better sleep, increased focus. 

But she also gained something much more valuable. That is, the ability to really know what her coaching clients were going through. 

“It’d been a while since I’d committed to my health. We’ve been involved in several health challenges with former and current businesses, but between traveling, speaking, and coaching full-time, I was starting to see my health get put on the back burner. 

It was time for a change. A BIG Change!”

So with that, Alisa did what she does best. She took a look at her calendar and lifestyle and found small, but powerful ways to Get her Health Back. 

To see our Get-It-Back Queen in action has been truly inspiring and motivating. 

Since ramping back up, here are her RESULTS:

At week 12 of my 16 week challenge, I was down 12 pounds and had lost a whopping 37.5 inches (you read that right!)


My 16 week challenge ends soon, so watch out for my follow up interview with my awesome friend and mentor Ashley Sarnicola!”

To get into alignment with your highest goals, you’ll need to firmly believe in and carry out the action steps you’ve set.

That’s what Habit 2 is all about and how Alisa is leading by example. 

To see how she can help you get just about anything: time, money, peace, happiness, back; visit this page to see the next available workshop!