You’ve probably heard that your attitude controls your life.

Many positive and negative things happen to us every day, each one affecting us in that manner.

If we’re not careful, we can act like those negative things a bit too much.

That’s not good for anybody.

Not good for a CEO.

Not good for a Stay-at-Home Parent.

And certainly not good for an athlete.

They have to push themselves harder and further daily to ensure they’re the ultimate versions of themselves. It’s important they show up enthusiastic, determined, and positive.

Alisa has coached many athletes over the years and has some pretty interesting knowledge to share when it comes to guaranteeing an athlete will be prepared mentally.

“If you come into the gym hunched over with no energy because of a fight with parents or a tough test at school, that’s the energy that’ll flow from you and into the gym to your coaches and teammates.

When you open the door, you get the blessing to IMMEDIATELY change your state into a state of mind that will be uplifting and powerful to your team! Throw all the stress and “blah feeling” away. Leave that baggage at the door and create something magical with your time in the gym!

When you’re angry or upset, you just have to ask yourself one question: Is that the type of person you want to show up as?”

Stay upbeat with a positive mental attitude by finding something that works for you. It may be just getting up, moving around, and getting some blood pumping. It may be some other type of ritual or routine. Keep playing with this until you find what works for you.

As mistakes happen, you have to lean on your self-talk and visualization to achieve your goals! Build these up by listing all the things you’re great at and how many amazing characteristics you have. You can help your final results by “pre-playing” yourself being successful in your mind. This is much more powerful than just daydreaming or pretending. Being intentional with your spare time, you can imagine yourself successfully performing your routine over and over.

Think of the last time you were unmotivated. I guarantee you weren’t moving!

And just remember, mistakes and feedback are ways of showing you what you can be better at.

What is a Vision Statement?

A Vision Statement is your ideal life.

When you’ve crushed all your goals when you’re living the lifestyle of your dreams, and you get to do exactly what you want to do with your time. What does that actually look like? Really, really articulate exactly what a day in the life looks like when you’re living your perfect life.

How do you craft a Vision Statement?

What does the best, happiest version of you look like? What would that person do, how would that person feel on a daily basis?

This is what your Vision Statement embodies. The mindset, the habits, the purpose of your ideal self gets put to words when you create one!

A good way to craft a vision statement is to think about what you want your legacy to be. Just like goal setting, we start with the end in mind. What do want to leave behind? How are you going to be remembered? The builder of legacy is the lifestyle you lead. Match your daily thoughts and actions (your lifestyle) to those required to create your legacy. Craft that into 2-5 sentences so it’s impactful and easy to remember. You want this to be something you can repeat to reaffirm who you are when times get tough!

How would you suggest starting to cast a vision? What state of mind do you need to be in? What activities are necessary?

When we’re doing our Ultimate Goal Achievement Process, the 1st Module is called “Start with Gratitude” for a reason. It’s all about getting into the right frame of mind because gratitude feels a lot like success. To achieve your goals, you want to give yourself a feeling of gratitude. Imagine how thankful you’ll be as you achieve more of your goals. You want to imprint that feeling in your mind, body, and spirit. It brings on more of the good stuff!

Having gratitude for not only all the great stuff (your wins) that’s happening in your life, but the trials and the tribulations (your failing forwards) as well. Those are the times you can look back on and see the lessons you needed to learn. If you can become the type of person who looks forward to and is grateful for all the “growing pains” you have on your way to success, you’ll get there that much faster!

Look for the lesson, appreciate the growth. Gain what you need to from this experience and move on to bigger and better wins!

After we’ve looked forward with gratitude, the next step is take a look inside with some “Value Exercises” These allow you to get in touch with a handful of core values or words that truly resonate with you. Your values help bring life and structure to your Vision Statement. If something comes a long and it doesn’t align with your values, you’ll be able to instantly know it’s not something for you.

How do you know if your Vision Statement is good?

It should stir your emotions. You should be amped up or ready to be in complete flow after reading your Vision Statement because it’s your best self articulated. Keep repeating it over and over. Your mind needs repetitive reminders of why things are so great. This helps your mind truly grasp your new vision.

Final thoughts from David

To show you guys just how simple and powerful having a proper Vision Statement can be, I wanted to share mine. It’s pretty short and sweet!!

“I live every day purposely to inspire and to empower others to step into their passion and live even more healthy wealthy and wise!”

That’s become my mantra, that’s become my self-talk. If you’ll repeat your Vision Statement and you’re diligent with it, mark my words, you’ll change your life! if you reverse-engineer exactly what the perfect life looks like to you and craft that into a statement that you can read to yourself every day, things will never be the same!

Stefanie Odenbrett has been coached by Alisa for many, many years. Dating all the way back to when Stefanie was a young gymnast, she’s been guided with strength, poise, and determination. 

There are many life skills that have been transferred inside and outside of the gym. Read on to see what Stefanie has learned by watching and working with Alisa!

How long have you known Alisa?

I’ve known Alisa since I was eight years old, so roughly 24 years. Over the past 4 years, Alisa has become my personal mentor and more of a life coach. She coached me through numerous life/work events and obstacles.

How would you describe Alisa’s Coaching? 

I would describe her coaching as positive, patient, and committed. With these traits, she has always allowed me to make mistakes and handled it graciously after. I admire her ability to point out what I could have or should have done differently. She has taught me so much from self-reflection, patience, personal growth, and mindset. 

What are some of the most impactful things she’s taught you?

I think the two things Alisa taught me that I use daily are the skill of calendar blocking. Being a mom, working, going to school, and a training athlete, almost every day is accounted for from the minute I wake up at 4:30 AM until the minute I go to bed each night. Without knowing how to prioritize and calendar block I would be so overwhelmed with everything. The second thing I think far outweighs the first is mindset. 

I feel as though I have the most positive mindset about taking on all of life’s challenges because she taught me I will always be my biggest self fulfilling prophesy. With a positive mindset, open to challenges, and good preparation, you’ll either win or learn, never lose.

She’s bringin’ sexy back, yeah!

Helpin’ you make up for the health you lack.

Watch out folks! Justin Timberlake isn’t the only one who can bring sexy back.

Our Get It Back Queen Alisa Muller has always been one to get people in better shape.

Better Physical Shape for gymnastics.

Better Business Shape for monetary success.

And Better Mental Shape to have extreme levels of determination.  

This was put on display recently when she and David took a trip to Las Vegas to join and present in front of hundreds of others at an Isagenix conference.

While there, she was able to stress to people the importance of servant leadership and setting large goals. This is one way Alisa helps her clients friends and love ones get those things back. Servant leadership to Alisa means more than just doing the things she was tasked with. It means caring about people success more than her own and the credit she gets for it.

There are several keys to bringing sexy back. But here are a few that we think are most important.

  1. Having Clearly Defined Goals – Perhaps the most important on this list is having clearly defined goals. Without an end destination, you’ll struggle to know where you’re going. Worse yet, you’ll be easily thrown off track. Alisa knew her desired end weight and measurements well before she started her health journey, and CRUSHED it because of that!
  2. A Great Support System – You’ve got to have people rooting for you, especially those closest to you. Alisa and David started the Isagenix Challenge within a couple of weeks of each other. This allowed for a lot of empathy and encouragement when they both felt the desire for a yummy treat that wasn’t in their plan, but they could almost taste!
  3. Constant Improvement – You’re always going to learn something new about yourself, the exercises you do, ways to manage your portions, and the products you’re putting in your body if you just keep going! Constant improvement really only happens and is measurable if you keep going and sustain over long periods of time. You’ll see results little by little, or maybe even stay the same, but the results over time will be phenomenal. Stay on course!
  4. Constant Awareness – Having goals defined and support you can look to daily really helps you in turning any goal into an achievement. Being vigilant with your thoughts and actions towards your goal is a sure-fire way to make progress.
  5. Accountability – This is a big one too, that’s why we’ve made it the last thing you’ll read! Posting your intentions on social media, telling your closest friends, or letting your family know the importance of your goals and asking them for help. All of these are ways to let those around you know what you’re aiming for and that you may need their help. Ask them to keep you honest, check in, and give you encouragement along the way!

How do you plan to bring back whatever it is you need to???

How to View Failure

David says one of your greatest assets is failure. There are many factors wrapped up in failure, two of which are action and growth.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into that.

So many of us are afraid not of failure, but of the humiliation we think we’ll face.

A big part of this is our society’s focus on perfection and only seeing the highlight reels of others.

Athletes hoisting trophies.

Celebs on the red carpet.

Friends and family members getting those big promotions.

We see it all and today’s world only amplifies it. We’re also quick to post every single win on social media and talk about it.

But what many people seem to realize is this. Even those athletes, celebs, and our friends and family have suffered and endured through countless failures to reach those few pinnacle moments that shine so bright. You’re no different, you just might not force yourself to go through the failure in order to reach.

We’re here to show you that failing is not only NOT a bad thing, but it’s an essential thing. It will force you to learn, to grow and to act outside your current knowledge, skills, and comfort zone.

Question one: What is there to learn? If you know everything, what is there to learn? If you know everything, how on earth are you going to develop any new skill? The only way you learn something new is by being wrong or bad at it a few times. The good news? It won’t always stay like this if you keep pushing through! It sounds crazy but the only way to achieve pleasure is to go through some pain.

Tough times don’t last…Tough People Do!

Get comfortable being uncomfortable and watch the roots get planted and your tree blossoms with new and better fruit.

Question two: How can you “act” better? Action is the key driver to all great achievement! You can practice, or read a book, or go over a sales pitch again and again in your head. However, if you never take action you’ll never get anywhere. You can read how to drive countless times but if you never do the act of putting your foot on the gas your car will never go anywhere and you’ll never reach any great destinations.

Life can hurt! We’re aware of that. But we are here to flip your script on what’s possible for you as an individual. We’ve seen countless people feel absolutely powerless and enough is enough. Be courageous enough to fail and you’ll earn the victories your heart desires!