Success Stories, Failing Forward and Inspiration from the P2K Tribe

Hello there! It’s Gatlin, a P2K Tribe Member.


Today, I want to share a few amazing qualities the Mullers have. This way, you’ll know for sure if they’re the coaches or mentors for you!


Systematic – If it’s one thing David loves, it’s a good system! He’s helped me realize how crucial the framework of your life and business are. You can have all the tools and talent in the world, but leave out a great system for guidance and you’re kinda out of luck. Just think to yourself: Ever seen a head coach without a playbook? My point exactly!


Compassionate – David and Alisa are two of the biggest hearted people I’ve ever met. But it’s easy to say that on the surface. What I’ve been lucky enough to see under their tutelage is grace under fire. They openly share their own tough moments while they’re happening, which really gives them a good glass to look through when it comes to solving my issues. Even though it’s their job as mentors to be firm, it’s always with a touch of understanding and care. I truly appreciate this, maybe more so than any characteristic they bring to the table.


Competitive – With their compassion comes a whole lotta drive to win! I bet you can imagine it with Alisa’s gymnastics background. Truth is, I’m not sure who really enjoys winning more. It’s just insanely cool to see two people so on fire to make sure they “beat” the things holding them and their tribe members back. The passion that gets brought to turning goals into achievements and breaking down physical, emotional, spiritual walls is simply awesome!


Leading – Being leaders of leaders is something David and Alisa view as vital. They’ll guide their teams with precision and experience, but will also climb into battle with them when necessary! That’s why I love these two. It’s not only that they’ll tell you what to do, but they’ll relate their experience and even give you the one-on-one conversations you need to hear.


Forward-focused – Leaving a legacy you can be proud of is one of the most noted parts of their entire system. We set goals that’ll lead us to the people we want to be. So many things the Mullers and I talk about are far off, but the way they help you keep your goals top of mind is nothing short of incredible.


I could write many, many more things I like about David and Alisa, but I assume you don’t want reading material for the next few weeks ;)


I’ll just end by saying this: If you’ve ever felt bad after “failing”, don’t. You’re more than enough to change yourself and change the world. You’re as good (or bad) as you tell yourself. Belief in yourself and what you’re doing is vital to a good life. Go chase yours!

The Mullers believe it’s vital to continue to grow and learn.

They also believe goals are easier to turn into achievements when you have the help of someone talented and passionate in the area of life you’re trying to improve.

It’s for these reasons and more that Alisa has deployed the help of her friend and Black Hills Gymnastics coach Stefanie Odenbrett to reach a BIG goal.

As part of the recent Accountability Group, Alisa set the following goal. The goal is written out how they ask everyone to write their goals. Maybe you’ve heard of SMART goals. Well, here’s Alisa’s.

1 – S.M.A.R.T. Goal written


Specific – I will release 30 lbs
Measurable – This will be completed within 16 weeks
Achievable – The 30 lbs fits within a 2 – 4 lb week weight loss goal which is healthy and realistic
Results – This goal being achieved will meet the result of fitting into a bikini and in ALL of my clothes
Timely – 16 weeks is the timeline

My smart goal in a sentence.

I will release 30 lbs in 16 weeks to fit in ALL of my clothes as well as a bikini.

2 – Tools I will be using
Isagenix for my nutrition.
Work Out Training by Stefanie.

3 – Measurement tools I will be using
Scale – once a week
Tape Measure – once a week
Body Fat – once a month

This is also an awesome growth opportunity for Stefanie, who’s working towards her National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification. Stefanie is also in the recently-started Accountability Group to make her dream of being a Certified Personal Trainer a reality! There are many boxes to check, forms to fill, and classes to take. Thanks to the Muller’s framework and her own awesome work ethic, she’s well on her way to crossing all these actions items off her to-do list! 


Stefanie has done an incredible job of breaking down her goals into manageable action steps with blocks of time set aside on her calendar to finish them all. She was the first person Alisa thought of when she wanted to pursue this awesome transformation.

“I’ve known Stef for years and have always loved her no excuses coaching style. Seeing that translate into the personal training arena has been a blast! And she really kicks my butt!

It’s all worth it though, as Alisa is seeing amazing results already!

After just one week of working with Stefanie, Alisa had the following to share.”I’m Down 7 lbs and have lost 15.5 inches thanks to staying on my nutrition plan, Isagenix, and working out 5 days for the week with the guidance of Stefanie.”


What will these two incredible ladies accomplish next? That’s up for them to decide. We do know this, however. They have the tools and mindset to tackle any obstacle and turn ANY goal into an accomplishment once and for all.


Want to learn how to do the same? Check out this link for more info!


The Art of Accountability


Have you ever set BIG goals, only to NOT push yourself to achieve them?


Does getting started and sticking to your goals seem like a daunting, uphill battle?


Are you lacking the mental, emotional, and physical resources to turn your goals into achievements?


If you answered yes to one, two, or all three of these questions, then an Accountability Partner/Group might be just what you need!


#TheMullers have been part of Accountability Groups (either leading or participating) for the majority of their lives. Not just for the adult, entrepreneurial parts either.


Alisa has been in gymnastics since grade school and David has been forming and building businesses since before he graduated high school! Each of their foundations for success is rooted deeply in understanding there’s strength in numbers.


You don’t get the results they’ve had without growing and making connections through the Art of Accountability.


Why Going It Alone is Pointless.


We weren’t meant to walk through this world isolated and alone, throwing ourselves against our problems all on our own. Oh no, we were meant to be surrounded by those who can uplift us and motivate us to reach our peak potential!


Us humans are a very tribal species. We do better when we have others looking out for our best interest. That’s the whole point of having an Accountability Partner or Group! Having people who know what you’re doing and how important it is to you can mean the difference between living the life of your dreams and collapsing under the weight of self-doubt.


That’s why The Mullers are so passionate about forming groups of like-minded individuals who commit to taking the small, but powerful steps to turn their goals into achievements.


Plan the work and work the plan!


They’ve recently started an exclusive 16-week program with 30 driven people who simply need a bit of direction and a team cheering them on.


David and Alisa don’t just think, they know goal-setting can be a fulfilling activity. They lead their tribe members through fun and compelling exercises to get the true “why” behind why people want to achieve a certain goal.


Armed with this and two of the top minds in breaking things down into their most manageable steps, the members of this new group are well on their way to CRUSHING their goals!


Some are doing it for health, others for wealth, and others for wisdom. ;)


One thing is true for all members though, they’re in it to become better versions of themselves. For their friends. For their families. For their future. And for themselves.


The best part about it? They’re in the most dependable, compassionate, and driven hands in the coaching industry!


David and Alisa want to share this platform and way of life with as many people as possible!


Could a bit of Accountability be the thing You need?


You’re invited to find out!


Click here and say, “I want in!” to be put on the list for the next Accountability Group!


And stay tuned for the progress of those in THIS group! You never know which goal will get turned into an achievement next!

What IF your chance came knocking?


What if the big opportunity you’ve been asking for suddenly showed up.


Well, it happened to David recently!


In the “supposed-to-be” uneventful pit stop in Vegas, fate once again intervened in David’s life.


While hanging out in Vegas for a few days before their flight back home to Olympia by way of SeaTac Airport The Mullers got the chance to meet an old friend, Bill Walsh. For those of you who haven’t met Bill, he’s an absolute rockstar!


They Mullers have met up with Bill several times across the globe attending and leading workshops at the Small Business Expo, the premier event for Small Business Owners and entrepreneurs. They’ve been blessed to be amongst those to present 60 minutes of value to those who attend their workshop at the expo. They give away Their 1,3,5,7,9 system and answer a TON of questions.




Bill posted on Facebook that he’d be in Vegas and had room for 4 people to come to a “VIP Dinner’ with him to discuss an incredible opportunity.


Here’s where it gets GOOD!


Bill says he needs people to educate the hundreds of visitors to the Small Business Expos across the country this year and beyond…


Suddenly, our Power Couple had a decision to make!


Alisa the Queen of Calendar Blocking and David the King of Spontaneity made it work!


Within 2 weeks, they made the investment, the plans, and got into the right mindset to give more value to more people with A LOT more travel. All this change would be pure craziness if not for our 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 program. 


The last couple of weeks David has been on the road, in the air, and on a roll connecting with dozens of entrepreneurs in both Los Angeles and San Diego. If you know David, it’s truly living in his “zone” As his Personal Vision Statement says: He lives each day purposefully to inspire and empower others to step into their passion and live even more healthy, wealthy & wise.


AND if you’re in Atlanta on November 15th, you can come to the Small Business Expo as David’s guest! Check out the event on Facebook by clicking here.



What’ll happen if YOU take that next big crazy chance that comes your way?


No doubt about it, The Mullers LOVE residual income!


What’s that?


Residual income is money you receive on a regular basis for work you completed previously.


You’ve probably heard of it or at least heard about a product or service that, when shared, produces residual income.


A few examples of residual income are




—Book Sales by an author such as Patrick Snow


—Purchasing a property and then leasing or renting it out


—Interest paid on a savings account


Basically, anything that you create, produce, or share once that pays you over and over is residual income.


Starting to see why they like it so much???


Sharing an awesome product or service with people is just about one of the easiest ways to build a consistent, reliable source of income.


When David and Alisa started their ViSalus journey they found it exciting and easy to tell their existing network about it. And they still do!


The best part it has never been a “Sales Situation.”


They just knew if someone they meet is feeling tired or wants to lose weight or wanted to be healthier, they probably had something that was a good fit for them!


Once you find the right product for a person, they fill out an order form with the monthly package of the product(s) they want. The product gets auto-shipped, the buyer gets auto-billed, and YOU get AUTO-PAID!


Residual equals true freedom.


Unlike other places of work and streams of income, residual doesn’t FORCE you to be in any one location. Which is great for eleutheromaniacs like The Mullers!


Even better, with the advent of the internet age, you can share many residual-income-creating products and services from anywhere you happen to travel!


Talk about an awesome time to be alive!


Plus, most companies are structured to give you an “upline” This is simply someone who’s shared the opportunity with you who knows more about the product and how to be successful while sharing and selling it. This is built-in-mentorship at its finest! We’ve had the chance to be mentored by some pretty amazing people thanks to the companies like ViSalus and wouldn’t trade their value for the world!


In all honesty, there are countless different positions and companies that’ll allow you to earn residual income. If you want to have an honest discussion with David about which ones might be good for you, shoot us a message on Facebook, here! David’s been part of many successful residual income efforts and would love to provide any value in helping you pick the best one for you!


How to tell if the residual income opportunity is right for you:


—You love and use the product yourself (Habit 2 Practice what you preach)


—You share it consistently with those who show a need or demand (Habit 4 – MasterMind Your Tribe, Habit 5 – Pay it Forward)


—Be passionate about it and desire to learn more about it (Habit 1 – Daily Personal Growth, Habit 3 – Own Your Space)


The Mullers simply want others to live the freedom promised in the American Dream! They’ve used residual income as a building block to the amazing lifestyle they live. As coaches and mentors, they want everyone they work with to turn goals into accomplishments.


Nobody is aware of that quite like us; the P2K Tribe! We hope you enjoyed this article and are fired up to seek out more lucrative and fulfilling streams of income!