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Living a Karmatic Life is to live a lifestyle where you are in constant awareness and appreciation of karma. Habits that you develop in this state will create a life that is even richer and more rewarding than you may have ever imagined life could be. Here are a few things you will experience by living a Karmatic Life.

  1. You will always be on the lookout for ways to pay it forward and go the extra mile to add value to the lives of those around you. You will experience the joy of adding value to others and live an even happier life
  2. Living a Karmatic life will also make you keenly aware of blessings when they come to you. You will recognize the law of attraction and be able to give thanks. Sometimes we do not enjoy the blessings that we receive. We might call these consequences. If we use this type of blessing as an educational opportunity, we can learn to appreciate the lessons that they provide and feel thankful for them as well.  With this constant attitude of gratitude, you will live an even happier life.
  3. Your mind will naturally attract opportunities that will enable you to accomplish even more success and enable to you continue to build a lifestyle that inspires others to strive to live a Karmatic Life too. It will also generate more resources so that you can find even bigger and better ways serve others and make a positive difference in the world around you.

This builds a growing synergetic circle of Karma . . . A Karmatic Cyclone. This is the self fulfilling prophesy.

But it works both ways. If you live in negative karma, you will prove it by your negative thoughts that become selfish actions that become careless habits that create your poor lifestyle, proving that your negative thoughts are justified. This is the Death Spiral.