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The tools of the digital entrepreneur trade

How do David and Alisa do it?!

I hear that one a lot!

How do they accomplish so much while seemingly playing on vacation? How do they handle the workload of 7 healthy streams of income?

Well, besides the right mindset and quality calendar blocking, they use many digital tools that help them stay organized, stay productive, and stay winning at life!

Acuity –  They use this for online scheduling so their coaching clients can schedule appointments, pay, and complete intake forms online 24/7.

Kartra – This is used to create brilliant marketing campaigns. The drag and drop software allows them to create funnels, offers, and sales pages for almost anything they could think of at a moment’s notice!

WebinarJam – Webinars are an awesome way to share live or prerecorded meetings without a hassle. The Mullers love the speed and functionality this brings to getting their life-changing message and training in front of more people!

Weebly – This software lets David be extremely creative when trying new website ideas. It’s lightweight, quick, and has some interesting themes to play around with.

PayPal and Stripe – These two online payment systems keep the wheels a-turnin’! With the ability to send invoices, receive payments, and transfer them to just about any account or person is what David and Alisa love most about these two game-changing software.

Animoto – Animoto is what David uses to put together all the videos you see of trips, workshops, and all other adventures the couple has!

Canva – Think a stripped down version of photoshop that’s completely online. All you need is a free account to create some pretty amazing looking graphics quickly and easily.

Zoom – Zoom is a stellar video conferencing app. It’s the tool the Mullers use to do 95% of their coaching calls. This allows for face-to-face interaction and connection with their closest tribe members. This sets the stage for a more intimate conversation and better, quicker results!

Different text messaging platforms – There are too many to count! From the ones that come preinstalled on their phones to a few others, the Mullers communicate very well on the fly because they’ve mastered the texting platforms.

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram – How else do you share incredible memories. These platforms keep the Mullers connected with the world perhaps better than any on this list!

The entire Google suite – There’s no doubt that Google is powerful! Docs, Sheets, and Calendar get used frequently as a means to keep everything flowing.

Adobe Creative Suite –  For those graphics that just need a bit more pizazz, David uses Adobe services like Photoshop and InDesign to create masterful posters, flyers and more.


So there you have it! All the tools you’ll ever need to rock your own successful life in this digital world!


Feel free to check out as many of these amazing pieces of technology. You’ll be surprised how easy a lot of them are to use! You’ll also love the clarity and productivity they bring to your life!

It’s WUP-RUP Time!


How are you going to end 2018? How you choose to finish this year will have drastic consequences on the future of your goals, business, and legacy. Over 25+ years of entrepreneurship led by careful planning, The Mullers have noticed that when the calendar turns to December, it’s officially WUP-RUP time!


Wait, what in the world is WUP-RUP???


It simply stands for one of the two things you MUST do to make 2019 the best year yet.


You have two choices: You can Wrap Up OR Ramp Up


One finishes the current chapter, while one builds momentum for the next.


Wrap up: Finish those tasks and bigger goals. Believe or not, leaving a goal to be accomplished for next year, even if you’re pressed for time, could be one of the WORST things you can do! Why? Not only do you not make progress, but it’s like telling yourself it’s ok not to finish things and accomplish goals! Take a look at your goals and your calendar. You have 30 days to take action and make it happen!


Ramp up: Start getting that 2019 momentum going in these last 30 days! Ramping up means putting the pieces in place to truly blow the doors of your 2019 goals! Is there a skill you need to learn? Start looking up courses and make a decision on one you’ll study! Always been dreaming of a special vacation? Start lining up reservations, sites to see, things to do, and the money those things will take!


The WUP-RUP Season has always been a highly impactful time of the year for The Mullers. It’s how they decide what to finish, what to get started, and how to spend the next 365+ days.


Remember, the two differences between successful and unsuccessful people are:

  1. The things they think about
  2. How they spend their time

How will you choose to spend December? By Wrapping Up or Ramping Up.


P.S. Since we like options, there’s even a third part to this season you can break out, BUT ONLY  on special occasions.


There have been years where David and Alisa knew they weren’t going to see their families very much in the upcoming calendar.


In those cases, they’ll break out the special combination of Rest Up and Love Up.


However you choose to spend this season, we all hope it’s one of great insight and motivation.




The Art of Accountability


Have you ever set BIG goals, only to NOT push yourself to achieve them?


Does getting started and sticking to your goals seem like a daunting, uphill battle?


Are you lacking the mental, emotional, and physical resources to turn your goals into achievements?


If you answered yes to one, two, or all three of these questions, then an Accountability Partner/Group might be just what you need!


#TheMullers have been part of Accountability Groups (either leading or participating) for the majority of their lives. Not just for the adult, entrepreneurial parts either.


Alisa has been in gymnastics since grade school and David has been forming and building businesses since before he graduated high school! Each of their foundations for success is rooted deeply in understanding there’s strength in numbers.


You don’t get the results they’ve had without growing and making connections through the Art of Accountability.


Why Going It Alone is Pointless.


We weren’t meant to walk through this world isolated and alone, throwing ourselves against our problems all on our own. Oh no, we were meant to be surrounded by those who can uplift us and motivate us to reach our peak potential!


Us humans are a very tribal species. We do better when we have others looking out for our best interest. That’s the whole point of having an Accountability Partner or Group! Having people who know what you’re doing and how important it is to you can mean the difference between living the life of your dreams and collapsing under the weight of self-doubt.


That’s why The Mullers are so passionate about forming groups of like-minded individuals who commit to taking the small, but powerful steps to turn their goals into achievements.


Plan the work and work the plan!


They’ve recently started an exclusive 16-week program with 30 driven people who simply need a bit of direction and a team cheering them on.


David and Alisa don’t just think, they know goal-setting can be a fulfilling activity. They lead their tribe members through fun and compelling exercises to get the true “why” behind why people want to achieve a certain goal.


Armed with this and two of the top minds in breaking things down into their most manageable steps, the members of this new group are well on their way to CRUSHING their goals!


Some are doing it for health, others for wealth, and others for wisdom. ;)


One thing is true for all members though, they’re in it to become better versions of themselves. For their friends. For their families. For their future. And for themselves.


The best part about it? They’re in the most dependable, compassionate, and driven hands in the coaching industry!


David and Alisa want to share this platform and way of life with as many people as possible!


Could a bit of Accountability be the thing You need?


You’re invited to find out!


Click here and say, “I want in!” to be put on the list for the next Accountability Group!


And stay tuned for the progress of those in THIS group! You never know which goal will get turned into an achievement next!

What IF your chance came knocking?


What if the big opportunity you’ve been asking for suddenly showed up.


Well, it happened to David recently!


In the “supposed-to-be” uneventful pit stop in Vegas, fate once again intervened in David’s life.


While hanging out in Vegas for a few days before their flight back home to Olympia by way of SeaTac Airport The Mullers got the chance to meet an old friend, Bill Walsh. For those of you who haven’t met Bill, he’s an absolute rockstar!


They Mullers have met up with Bill several times across the globe attending and leading workshops at the Small Business Expo, the premier event for Small Business Owners and entrepreneurs. They’ve been blessed to be amongst those to present 60 minutes of value to those who attend their workshop at the expo. They give away Their 1,3,5,7,9 system and answer a TON of questions.




Bill posted on Facebook that he’d be in Vegas and had room for 4 people to come to a “VIP Dinner’ with him to discuss an incredible opportunity.


Here’s where it gets GOOD!


Bill says he needs people to educate the hundreds of visitors to the Small Business Expos across the country this year and beyond…


Suddenly, our Power Couple had a decision to make!


Alisa the Queen of Calendar Blocking and David the King of Spontaneity made it work!


Within 2 weeks, they made the investment, the plans, and got into the right mindset to give more value to more people with A LOT more travel. All this change would be pure craziness if not for our 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 program. 


The last couple of weeks David has been on the road, in the air, and on a roll connecting with dozens of entrepreneurs in both Los Angeles and San Diego. If you know David, it’s truly living in his “zone” As his Personal Vision Statement says: He lives each day purposefully to inspire and empower others to step into their passion and live even more healthy, wealthy & wise.


AND if you’re in Atlanta on November 15th, you can come to the Small Business Expo as David’s guest! Check out the event on Facebook by clicking here.



What’ll happen if YOU take that next big crazy chance that comes your way?