What are the Most Important Habits for Achieving our Goals?

We call this set of principles the 5 Habits of Success. These are areas of your life that you are constantly improving. When you pay attention to these areas, it can set you up for MASSIVE SUCCESS in this year and beyond.

Over the last 30 years of setting, adjusting, and achieving some of our biggest goals, we’ve found these principles in particular help more people achieve more goals in a more fulfilling way! Think of the Habits of Success as areas of you life that you are always working on improving.

Habit #1 – Daily Personal Growth. This deals with your mind. Growing as an individual is crucial. Much like deodorant, the motivation to do the action steps to reach your biggest goals will wear off, that’s why we suggest allotting time DAILY to read a positive book, exercise, and journal so you can work on growing as a complete person. Health. Wealth, and Wisdom are built every day through diligent habits and consistent practices!

Habit #2 – Practice What You Preach. This deals with your lifestyle. David has boiled this down to one insightful observation. “If you own a Ford dealership, you don’t drive a Chevy to work!” To get into alignment with your highest goals, you’ll need to firmly believe in and carry out the action steps you’ve set. By finding out what is important to you and following through with it for all to see is one part of ultimate achievement.

Habit #3 – Own Your Space. Be the best of the best at what you do. Owning your space is all about becoming known as a master and influencer within your natural, chosen, and aspirational roles. If you dedicate time, energy and focus every day to becoming the best you can be, you’ll see dramatic growth across the board!

See how the habits are built to work together? Without a desire and followthrough of daily personal growth, it’s hard to find what you’ll practice and preach. Without defining what you practice and preach, you’ll never be able to own your space because you won’t even know what it is!

Well, let’s go on with the last two success habits!

Habit # 4 – Mastermind Your Tribe. The support of your tribe (those closest and most influential in your life) is vital! It won’t do much if you’re all fired up and motivated if those around you are putting you down or having doubts. Tell those closest to you of your intentions. Tell them how you and they will benefit from this new journey. By creating a Mastermind of positivity and achievement in those around you, success will flow easily and grandly. :)

Habit #5 – Pay It Forward. Like Karma Points? Want to fulfill your spiritual quest to make the world a better place? Then pay it forward. Do something for others without expectation of something in return. Instead realize the reward is in becoming a better person. Again, David has a great observation for this habit. “If you do enough for others when they ask, when it does become your turn to ask, the Universe will beat a path to your doorstep with the help you need!” This focuses on the law of reciprocity and we’ve personally seen it work wonders in our lives!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These all work together. It’s not “a la carte” You can’t just do Habits 2, 3, and 5 and think you’ll be successful! We all need to develop ALL of these habits to truly achieve what we want!

So there you have it! The 5 Habits of Success. Follow these and you’ll be surprised just how much you can achieve! Want an even further dive into these habits? Get you FREE Ultimate Achievers Action Guide right now!