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Ever been working on a project and the progress seems to be grinding?

Or maybe you’ve tried to develop a new skill or habit. At first, things were trending up. You were taking new perspectives and advice, easily implementing it. But now, the “levels” have become more challenging.

This is the part of growth David actually leans into the hardest.

He’s there for you when things feel hardest because he knows what’s on the other side…

That moment that you’re talking to them and it clicks. They see it and how the big picture comes together. Their life is changed forever in that moment. And that’s the moment that I live for. When they realize they can LITERALLY have anything they want. And most people don’t get that at first. But when you start to consistently run the system, things begin to fall into place. Your life becomes what you envision and you understand that EVERYTHING is in control.

You see, your earlier successes leave clues for you to follow. If you remain on the path and listen to advice, one day there will be a big light bulb that flashes! More and more will fall into place as you gain mastery and a deeper understanding.

The Mullers have seen many of coachees go through this exact moment and it’s even more rewarding each time!

Calendar blocking and reverse engineering goals aren’t necessarily the strongest muscles for most people, so it can take a long time to develop. You’re going to have some doubt and confusion when you first begin. It might even be uncomfortable to build the discipline needed to stick to your newly formed schedule.

That’s ok!

As they say, “No pain, no gain.”

And what incredible things you gain as it all comes together. There’s something about having it all click that’s truly inspiring to all who witness it.

This is the moment you can start to fully step into the greatness you’ve been waiting for!

The “Ah-Ha” moment when everything comes together gives you a confidence you’ve never felt before. “I can do this” becomes a way of life, not just a mantra to get you through the hard stuff! It’s like pulling the sword from the stone (for our Disney fans out there.)

Speaking of Disney, the Aulani Disney Resort was the birthplace of the latest “Ah-Ha” moment.

During the Ultimate Achievers Workshop held there in July, David saw this moment happen with an attendee. It was one of their coachees who’s been with them a little over a year.

“To see it up close again was an awesome reminder of why I do what I do.”

Want an “Ah-Ha” moment of your own? It’s never too late to start doing the work that will provide them. You’ll definitely want to attend a future workshop and discover the magic!

We ALL have a Superpower! 

Some of us are great speakers, others are incredibly gifted athletes. And others yet are mathematicians or brilliant scientists. 

That got David and Alisa thinking:

What is each of their superpowers???

If we could boil it down to each of their most impressive skill, it would have to be the following:

Alisa is most certainly The Get-It-Back Queen! And David is the undisputed Expert of Alignment!

The Get-It-Back Queen

The Get-It-Back Queen is here to guide you to a calmer, more focused way of being. She’ll analyze the craziest of schedules and effortlessly find time you didn’t even know was there! With your roles and goals in sight, Alisa will triumphantly stand with you as you calendar block your way to even greater success! 

She’s seen it all. From tired, overworked mamas to upstart business owners with too much on their plate. No crowded planner is safe! By understanding the big shifts one can make, our Queen provides a light that shines through dark and heavy schedules. She understands that having a plan and sticking to it is the best path to lasting success!

The Expert of Alignment

Our Expert of Alignment is equipped with the questions and mindset that’ll finally answer the age old question: What SHOULD I be doing? He’s explored the deepest caverns of entrepreneurship, all in effort to lead others to there greatest reward! What’s important to you? What makes you feel alive? These are the questions he’ll ask to discover your inner most desire and help bring it to the surface! 

From selling sugar cane to his classmates to running the real estate game, he’s always followed his passion no matter what! This has given up the special ability to see in others what they don’t even know is there! He knows there’s something amazing hidden in you, are you ready to explore it?!

Together, these two make a Dynamic Duo that can’t be beat! They’re ready to serve the world while saving time and frustration for all they meet! 

At some point in your life someone told you, through words or actions, that you are not enough.

A parent, significant other, acquaintance, friend, coworker, or maybe just a judgmental stranger in your local super market.

The Mullers are here to tell you otherwise. Not only are you enough, you are capable of fulfilling your dreams at your highest potential. Guilt is a five letter word we all know. You may feel it because you’re a women of more roles than you can count, or a man juggling the need to protect his family and serve his employer, and the two aren’t harmonizing.

When you feel guilt, how do you move past those moments? Do you stand firm in your core values, hold tight to your compass? Have you set values for yourself?

The Mullers will give your tools to assist with relinquishing guilt in even the most heart wrenching circumstances. Habit, if you want to push past barriers, and propel forward towards your ambitions, this word should be at the forefront of your vocabulary.

Here’s a quick glimpse of The Five Habits To Success, a term you may have heard on a recent P2K Facebook Live video.

1. Personal Growth

2. Practice What Your Preach

3. Raise Your Skill Set

4. Mastermind Your Tribe

5. Pay It Forward.

Now for my personal experience. My family and I have been present for two workshops. At the beginning of the year, we were guilt-ridden, constantly busy, in that always doing something but never feeling productive way.

We often struggled for acceptance in our community. We’re a military family, always moving and never getting a chance to settle down, until now.

We didn’t go into the workshop for our benefit, we went because The Mullers are integral to the community, always leading with servant hearts. The fact that there was a coupon offered may have put us over the top –yes we like coupons! Please don’t hesitate to ask for one, I’ve been gifted a few to share.

So here we are sitting in this workshop, listening to the lessons, and as profound as they are, it dawned on me that we were in a room full of like-minded people who also sought to find community and propel forwards towards their dreams. This isn’t by accident, it’s part of the design of the system, Habit #4: Mastermind Your Tribe. We continued to listen, completing our workbooks for each step; Habit #1: Personal Growth.

A few months passed and my husband and I began to realize the importance of Mentorship, for who can tell you the best way to proceed with Habit #3 Raise Your Skill Set but another person who has already surpassed the goals you intend to achieve? Trust me, having mentors in every capacity for which you have a desire to achieve a goal is the best gift you can give yourself! However, feeding your soul by giving back, Habit #5: Pay It Forward, is a close second. Serving meals alongside members of the P2KTribe has been one of our fondest memories this year.

Now here we are about to begin 2019. My husband is in a job he loves and has the utmost passion for. In his own words, “after going through the workshops with David & Alisa, I found the confidence to embrace my ingenuity and harness it in a way I failed to recognize was possible. Because of this, I have contributed value to my work that’s resulted in big positive changes.”

For myself, I stopped fighting my gifts but instead began to embrace them. The result is a clear vision of our place in the community, with friends we’re so thankful to have in our tribe, and already scheduled events for the next year that I couldn’t possibly be more excited about!

A Guest Speaking opportunity, graduation with a Bachelors Degree, and a trip back to London. Can’t forget our children. I often hear, wow you have talented kids. This isn’t a by chance statement, but rather every individual has incredible gifts if you choose to take the time to listen to their vision of success, and invest in their passions.

We invite you to your join our family as we celebrate each other’s wins, and turn failures into lessons with The Mullers at their next Ultimate Achievers Workshop on January 19th, lunch is on them.