She’s bringin’ sexy back, yeah!

Helpin’ you make up for the health you lack.

Watch out folks! Justin Timberlake isn’t the only one who can bring sexy back.

Our Get It Back Queen Alisa Muller has always been one to get people in better shape.

Better Physical Shape for gymnastics.

Better Business Shape for monetary success.

And Better Mental Shape to have extreme levels of determination.  

This was put on display recently when she and David took a trip to Las Vegas to join and present in front of hundreds of others at an Isagenix conference.

While there, she was able to stress to people the importance of servant leadership and setting large goals. This is one way Alisa helps her clients friends and love ones get those things back. Servant leadership to Alisa means more than just doing the things she was tasked with. It means caring about people success more than her own and the credit she gets for it.

There are several keys to bringing sexy back. But here are a few that we think are most important.

  1. Having Clearly Defined Goals – Perhaps the most important on this list is having clearly defined goals. Without an end destination, you’ll struggle to know where you’re going. Worse yet, you’ll be easily thrown off track. Alisa knew her desired end weight and measurements well before she started her health journey, and CRUSHED it because of that!
  2. A Great Support System – You’ve got to have people rooting for you, especially those closest to you. Alisa and David started the Isagenix Challenge within a couple of weeks of each other. This allowed for a lot of empathy and encouragement when they both felt the desire for a yummy treat that wasn’t in their plan, but they could almost taste!
  3. Constant Improvement – You’re always going to learn something new about yourself, the exercises you do, ways to manage your portions, and the products you’re putting in your body if you just keep going! Constant improvement really only happens and is measurable if you keep going and sustain over long periods of time. You’ll see results little by little, or maybe even stay the same, but the results over time will be phenomenal. Stay on course!
  4. Constant Awareness – Having goals defined and support you can look to daily really helps you in turning any goal into an achievement. Being vigilant with your thoughts and actions towards your goal is a sure-fire way to make progress.
  5. Accountability – This is a big one too, that’s why we’ve made it the last thing you’ll read! Posting your intentions on social media, telling your closest friends, or letting your family know the importance of your goals and asking them for help. All of these are ways to let those around you know what you’re aiming for and that you may need their help. Ask them to keep you honest, check in, and give you encouragement along the way!

How do you plan to bring back whatever it is you need to???

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