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Success Stories: Stefanie Odenbrett

Stefanie Odenbrett has been coached by Alisa for many, many years. Dating all the way back to when Stefanie was a young gymnast, she’s been guided with strength, poise, and determination.  There are many life skills that have been transferred inside and outside of the gym. Read on to see what Stefanie has learned by watching […]

Bringin’ Sexy Back

She’s bringin’ sexy back, yeah! Helpin’ you make up for the health you lack. Watch out folks! Justin Timberlake isn’t the only one who can bring sexy back. Our Get It Back Queen Alisa Muller has always been one to get people in better shape. Better Physical Shape for gymnastics. Better Business Shape for monetary […]

How to View Failure David says one of your greatest assets is failure. There are many factors wrapped up in failure, two of which are action and growth. Let’s dive a bit deeper into that. So many of us are afraid not of failure, but of the humiliation we think we’ll face. A big part […]

The Ultimate Peak of Getting It Back

Getting anything back takes discipline, focus, the right attitude and the appropriate plan, and team supporting you. After a huge shake up at Black Hills Gymnastics a few years ago, our Get-It-Back Queen Alisa knew there was a long road ahead to get the gym back to its “Days of Dominance” After the results of […]