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The 3 Power Traits

As we studied the lives of some of the most successful people in history, one of the trends that we noticed is that all highly successful people have certain traits in common. We have selected the top three here. These 3 Power Traits are the secret ingredients that ensure that the entire system always works […]


What’s Your Point?

Developing Your Vision Statement Your Legacy Have you given much thought to what you want to leave behind when you leave this life? How do you want to be remembered? Will your life continue to be a blessing to your loved ones? Will your death be a burden on those you love? Will your contributions […]


Timothy the Tireless Turtle

A story about achieving goals through patience and perseverance. Being a turtle came with its challenges, but Timothy hardly allowed those to deter him. However, he wondered how he could achieve his most-desired goal yet, which seemed impossible for a turtle. Could he do it? As part of a family of pets, Timothy the turtle […]

How to Engage Your Audience Through Social Media

Is your social media falling flat? Don’t sweat it; many hours have gone into perfecting the use of this not-so-secret weapon. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram strategies are outlined in detail below. Once you understand how they all work and which will suit your business best, learn how to handle them and other factors […]