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August 13-30 was an AWESOME time for David and Alisa. They’ve always loved Europe. The sites. The history. The memories; old and new. On a recent trip, they saw many incredible sights that have been in people’s hearts and minds of many for millennia…

This trip contained many #LivList Moments for the two of them. We as the P2K Tribe wanted to share some of the highlights.

It was especially meaningful for them, as Alisa’s parents, Jerry and Kathy joined them for the WHOLE experience!

August 12 – Rome, Italy

It wasn’t built in a day, and that’s definitely not long enough to take in all the monuments, architecture, and stories. David and Alisa stayed here for a total of 6 days in the Italian capital. Some of their favorite places were the famous Colosseum, Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Square and the Basilica,

August 17-19 – Venice, Italy 

Particularly enjoyable were the gondola rides and seeing some of the most beautiful dome buildings! They sure knew how to build amazing things when they started all those years ago!

The Mullers are famous for cruising. It’s one thing the P2K Tribe have gotten used to! From August 19th to the 25th, they took a Royal Caribbean Cruise that included stops in:

  • Nice
  • Corsica
  • Barcelona
  • Palma, Spain
  • Sardinia, Italy.


Anyone who knows Alisa knows she’s a huge fan of the Olympics! Something they may not know is that her family actually has ties to the Holocaust. So, with one exciting trip planned and one a bit more somber, The Mullers arrived in Germany on the 26th to tour The Dachau Concentration camp and the Olympic Park in Munich. Both places ended up leaving them speechless for various reasons.

Their final adventure was in Pompeii, taking in excavations of the historic volcanic eruption.

These moments were made possible because their multiple streams of income in different industries. This allows them the freedom to do so. Wouldn’t it be great to know where to start so you can do the same? Take a look at what they’ve put together by clicking here!


We hope you enjoyed this recap and seeing the sights with the Mullers!


With Gratitude,



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