How to View Failure

David says one of your greatest assets is failure. There are many factors wrapped up in failure, two of which are action and growth.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into that.

So many of us are afraid not of failure, but of the humiliation we think we’ll face.

A big part of this is our society’s focus on perfection and only seeing the highlight reels of others.

Athletes hoisting trophies.

Celebs on the red carpet.

Friends and family members getting those big promotions.

We see it all and today’s world only amplifies it. We’re also quick to post every single win on social media and talk about it.

But what many people seem to realize is this. Even those athletes, celebs, and our friends and family have suffered and endured through countless failures to reach those few pinnacle moments that shine so bright. You’re no different, you just might not force yourself to go through the failure in order to reach.

We’re here to show you that failing is not only NOT a bad thing, but it’s an essential thing. It will force you to learn, to grow and to act outside your current knowledge, skills, and comfort zone.

Question one: What is there to learn? If you know everything, what is there to learn? If you know everything, how on earth are you going to develop any new skill? The only way you learn something new is by being wrong or bad at it a few times. The good news? It won’t always stay like this if you keep pushing through! It sounds crazy but the only way to achieve pleasure is to go through some pain.

Tough times don’t last…Tough People Do!

Get comfortable being uncomfortable and watch the roots get planted and your tree blossoms with new and better fruit.

Question two: How can you “act” better? Action is the key driver to all great achievement! You can practice, or read a book, or go over a sales pitch again and again in your head. However, if you never take action you’ll never get anywhere. You can read how to drive countless times but if you never do the act of putting your foot on the gas your car will never go anywhere and you’ll never reach any great destinations.

Life can hurt! We’re aware of that. But we are here to flip your script on what’s possible for you as an individual. We’ve seen countless people feel absolutely powerless and enough is enough. Be courageous enough to fail and you’ll earn the victories your heart desires!

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